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Data Collection
This is our data collected:

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1. Are you myopic
From the results we can see that many singapore children are myopic.

2. If yes, how did you become myopic?
From the results, we can see that many singaporean kids became myopic through internet/gaming.

3. What do you like to do in your free time?

Most of the children are interested in online gaming followed by reading, Card/board games, Sports, visual arts, Performing arts and lastly others.

4. Do you like sports and aesthetic arts?

More children like sports/aesthetic arts. This means that they probably have a balance of exercise and may not be addicted to computer gaming as what people speculate.

5.Is your past time playing computer games?
Even though many singaporean children are myopic, there are lesser people getting myopic from playing computer games than other activities. 

6. If yes, what kind of computer games do you like and why does it interest you? 
From the results, we can see that most young kids in singapore are not so addicted to computer gaming at this age yet.

7. Do you spend most of your time outdoors?
Even though lesser children got myopic through computer gaming, most of them prefer staying indoors rather than outdoors. This means that when there are lesser outdoor activities for them, their chances of getting myopic will increase, as the green scenery outdoors help decrease the chances of getting myopic at such a young age.

8. If no, why not?

We can see that most primary school children prefer indoors, as they feel that there are better things to do indoors than outdoors, and it is very much more cooling than outdoors. Most of the times, primary school children have lots of homework or activities in school till late hours, thus decreasing the time for outdoor activities.

9. Lastly, how long are you on your laptop, computer, iPad, Phone, tablet, TV. etc. per day at home or outdoors?
From the results, we can see that many primary school children are on their device for more than 2 hours or about 2 hours, which they could actually spend it for outdoor activity.

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