4 Discussion

From our collected data, we can conclude that many singaporean Primary School children became myopic through spending too much time on the internet or gaming. We also found out that most of the children are interested in online gaming followed by reading,  Sports, visual arts, Performing arts, Card or board games and lastly others. This tells us they are mostly interested with things that they can interact with such as computer games. They also like physical activities like sports and enjoy reading occasionally. This tells us that what the children like are activities that engage them and teach them something too.

From question 5, the response show that more than half of the children do not take computer gaming as a hobby. This tells us that  not all children are 'addicted' to computer gaming as what people speculate to be the main cause of myopia. Computer gaming may add to the cause of myopia in many children but may not be the main reason why one has it.

We also realized that children are engaged in "hands-on" activities like various sports and arts. We can interpretate that they like things that help them learn something. 

The students that answered out questionnaire seemed to be interested in spending more time outdoors. The reason why some don't is that they find their electronic devices more captivating than outdoor activities.

Our next step to finding a better prevention for myopia is to create an activity which is outdoors, a sport or art and must give the children a sense on independence and an element of thrill.

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