5 Conclusion

As the development of technology increases, more and more people starts to get myopic and have to wear glasses. Myopia has become increasingly common in recent decades, with more than 80 percent of people in some highly-educated groups being nearsighted. There are still no cure for myopic yet, and the only ways are to prevent it. To start of, we conducted a survey for primary school students, and majority of them are myopic. This means that there are many singaporean getting myopic at a young age and this means that it is not very good for our next generation and society.
Majority of the primary school students became myopic from using too much technological devices and  most of them they like to game online during their free time. This is very harmful to their eyes as they will keep staring at the screen for hours throughout the games without relaxing their eye muscle, and thus increasing the chances of getting myopic. Even though many singaporean primary school students like outdoor activities, they still prefer staying indoors as the weather is very warm and they felt that there are better things to do indoors. Staying outdoors could actually decrease the chances of getting myopic as it protects a child's eyes from growing excessively, which is a major cause of myopia.

In conclusion, parents should try to bring their children outdoors more often, along with making sure they get enough fresh air and exercise. The key factors is being outdoors, even if it's for a picnic. Primary schools should also conduct more activities and talks about myopia and how to relax eye muscles. The community could create more outdoor activities events for them. Advertisement and newspaper could also play a part by teaching the children how to take care of their eyes and ways to prevent myopia.

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