Monday, 25 June 2012

Question 4

In your opinion, what are the roles & responsibilities for the 1) Leader 2) Blog manager 3) Schedule manager 4) Public Relations Manager? Why?


  1. For the leader he or she should be ble to lead the group to finish the given task till the end.

    For the blog manager he/she will update the blogs of the task.

    schedule manager he/she should tell the group members the timing of way should be done etc.

    public relation he or she should make sure what we are doing are non hurtful etc.

  2. 1) He/ she should take responsibility of the project & group
    2) He/ she should take note of every task that is given so as to be able to deliver the correct
    instructions to his/ her group members.
    3) He/ she should keep track of the time taken by the group to complete a project & inform the group
    when the deadline is nearing.
    4) He/ she should make sure that the group is public-friendly.

  3. 1) As for the Leader, he/she should lead the group and have the greatest responsibility of the group or project.
    2) As for the Blog manager, he/she should take down notes and update the blog whenever we are given a task or project to let the other members know what is going on.
    3) As for the Schedule manager, he/she is to keep track of the time and inform the group of the time left whenever we are doing a project or group work.
    4) As for the Public Relations Manager, he/she should ensure that the group maintains good relationship with each other and help one another.

  4. "Ms Shireen's comment: It is evident from your answer to qn 1 that you've started your research. However, your responses to qn 2 could have been more insightful. For a few of you, your idea of public relations manager appears to be quite different from what we had in mind - please see description below:

    Public Relations Manager: Motivates, ensures that all group members work well with one another, conflict resolution."