Monday, 28 January 2013

Literature Review by Ler How


Myopia, or more commonly know as being shortsighted has been a problem for many years, affecting a large portion of the human population. The cause of myopia is usually the over usage of the eye, thus straining it. Other factors include genetic factors and environmental factors which will contribute to the development of myopia


Relaxing the eyes will help to relax the eyes and not strain it as much. Usage of spectacles will also help to improved recovery from myopia. The lenses of these spectacles with zero power in front of the myopic eyes will lead to a full refractive correction of myopia accelerated progression will be achieved. Lasik is another option to cure myopia, by reshaping the eye’s cornea in order to improve eye sight.


Many of such methods are only temporary solutions, with no proper cure. The best way cure cure myopia is to prevent it. These solutions might be effective but will lead to loss of eye sight and might also be permanent.

Data Collection

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